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Internationally acclaimed brand STK brings a whole new meaning to the term steakhouse. Boasting impeccable service with a chic vibe and upmarket interiors, the sophisticated destination features a lounge, a dedicated dining area, a DJ booth and a number of bars. The mouth-watering menu includes ... More

Basement, Level B1
Jumeirah Beach Residence
+971 4 323 0061

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Dubai Gourmet 2020

Top-rated dining experiences for those who love to taste the finer things in life…for less.

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Friday dare to brunch (1 offer)

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  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
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Available offers...

Restaurants and Bars

Friday dare to brunch (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 516
Restaurants and Bars

Main course (2offers)

  • Estimated savings AED 80

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  • Rixos Premium Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence

    Jumeirah Beach Residence


Recent Reviews
I had booked to go to the Friday brunch here with my husband as part of our trip to Dubai for my 50th birthday. My friends also booked but as they had booked a few days earlier they were booked on a separate table. On the morning of the brunch around 10.45am I received a Watsapp from STK saying that due to COVID they had to cancel our reservation. I asked why and asked if the brunch was still going ahead as our friends booking had not been cancelled? They replied saying that our friends reservation was not cancelled and that the brunch was still going ahead and they had to cancel the smaller tables to maximise their business. In other words we were being cancelled so that they could make more money!!! I spoke with my friend and she allowed us to take her reservation which I advised STK of. When we arrived, an extremely rude girl on the front desk asked what name it was under. I told her what had happened and her reply was ‘well is it under this name or that name, make your mind up!’. She then told a member of staff to ‘put them up at the back near the bar’. We were shown to our table which was right at the very back of the restaurant in a very dark corner. There was another table of 2 a bit further down with a view of the singer etc but they had complained too as it was for a 21st birthday. They eventually were moved so we were stuck there on our own and could not see a thing. When we complained we were told by our server ‘well it’s nice and romantic!’. We didn’t book an STK brunch to be romantic, we booked it as they are fun and wanted to be part of it. The food came, a selection of starters, which were mediocre at best. The steak was OK as were the sides. The manager eventually came over and said there were no other tables free and that he couldn’t do anything. He then sent someone over to to offer us 3 free shots. We declined as we don’t drink shots and all we wanted was another table that did not face a wall. After about 10 minutes people started leaving their tables and coming over into the corner to smoke! We were then in the smokers corner and were still eating. The couple who had been moved came over to us and asked us to share the lovely booth right opposite the singer that they had been moved to, so we did. At this point we should have been on desert. As soon as we moved our service stopped! We were no longer offered drinks or our desert. Again we complained and they brought a sloppy sort of ice cream cake over with a sparkler in. No offer of desert from the menu for either of us which we had paid for in the package. Not long after this we were told they were closing and we had to leave. Upon leaving we walked straight past the manager who did not even look in our direction. His attitude stunk. At £137.00 per person it’s an absolute rip off, we were treated extremely bad from the start. There are plenty of really great brunches in Dubai and we made a huge mistake by booking this one. Don’t waste your money going here. This is the second bad experience I have had with the STK brand. The first being really rude staff and bad service in Ibiza. I thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt as it’s Dubai and service is spot on there, how wrong was I. I work in the hospitality industry as I own a restaurant and I would never even think of treating customers this way, I would end up losing my business if I did. All hype and no substance.More
I did the daytime STK brunch on a Friday in August 20. It was a good experience overall - the steak was great and the atmosphere was good. However, I did have a slightly tainted experience as within 5 minutes of sitting down at the brunch, one of the waiters accidentally knocked almost an entire bottle of beer on me. This meant that the back of my outfit, hair and bag were soaked through. He seemed almost as shocked as I was that this had just happened and just said 'Oh, not a good start!'. I was very taken aback by everything and it was only later that it dawned on me that he didn't really apologise. A really nice lady followed me to the bathroom and gave me towels to dry off - she even offered to dry my outfit in the dryer - so kind. Later, the waiter did apologise just saying 'I'm sorry again for earlier'. When it came to paying for the brunch - we each owed 430 as we could only use 4 Entertainer vouchers for our table. As this is quite a lot to pay for a brunch as it is I was very surprised when the same waiter mentioned twice about including a tip. Considering the start I had to the brunch I wasn't planning to tip. I did mention this and although I wasn't expecting anything much in compensation I did think at the time that another customer probably would have kicked up more of a fuss as it really did dampen my experience (pardon the pun!) I do hope that, should this happen to another person, it might be dealt with in a better way. Personally, it would put me off doing this brunch again and it was my 3rd time doing it up to this point. I hope my feedback can help STK and they can take it on board!More
Nice place, amazing turkish/arabic food. Fresh products, we didn’t know this style of cooking. everything was very good, the atmosphere and the music too, and the servers very pleasant. we will come back without worries. Thanks to all the teamMore
We were excited about doing this brunch had tried to go last year but couldn’t get in. We had a good table but that was the only plus. We had to send my husbands chicken back as it was rubber - my steak was ok. There was a singer through the dinner sang out 5 songs then later the music starts and they encourage you to dance on the back of the booths. Some of the other customers seemed very grumpy and creates bad vibes but that’s not the restaurant’s fault. Our waitress was very nice. I’m pleased I’ve done it but won’t go back. More
Chose this restaurant to celebrate my 50th Birthday. What a fun day we had. This place is very busy and vibrant. The music is brilliant and the food was very nice too. The staff were very good with the drinks. Glasses were always full. However, it’s very smokey as they allow indoor smoking. All in all I would recommend it as it good for all ages. More