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Surf Emporium

4.7 (based on 190 people)

  • Sports & Leisure
Located at Surfers Corner Muizenberg, one of South Africa's most popular Surf destinations. Surf Emporium is one of only 4 Surfing South Africa accredited surf schools in the country. Our experienced surf instructors will guide you through the basics ... More
Felix (a month ago )
Very good experience - We spontaneously booked a 1:1 surf lesson for our daughter, she had so much fun that we came back a few days later for more lessons (booked online, worked also perfectly). I rented a wetsuit without any lessons to enjoy a few hours in the 15deg ocean. Also very nice: Changing room and warm shower afterwards. Good value-for-money, very nice and helpful staff and coaches.
Joseph Rutherford
Joseph Rutherford (a week ago )
Have been using Surf Emporium to store my board/rent other boards for 3 months now. Super friendly and helpful staff who are always there to make sure you have the best possible experience in and out of the water. Very fair prices compared to other shops in Muizenberg.
Diako Barzandji
Diako Barzandji (a week ago )
Unfortunately a bad experience. Read conclusion at the end if you want to skip the story The managing lady with dreads Candace or Lauren was the one I spoke to. The staff did not check the broken fin on my board before giving me the board. I received a board with a broken fin(out of 3) that was flapping around, found that out on the beach. But assumed they knew, because I assume this company doesn't give out broken material so it was okay. Got back, fin was missing, I informed them about it being missing, also lack of wax on the sides. At check out they told me I had to pay the extra charge for the fin as she stated that it was not damaged upon delivery and I signed an idemnity form. I disagreed and declined, Candace/Lauren checked the security footage but didn't want to show me the security footage for "privacy" reasons. Then she said afterward I was late "15 minutes" and have to pay either for another full session or the fin.(I have come here +-5 to 8 times so far and organise typically 5-9 people each time and recommend people to come here from the hostel I sleep at in Cape Town the last 3 months. You can check the security footage on that too. And I noticed on their "late return paper" with people that for 30 minutes or more were listed. Didn't see any 10 or 15 minute people(normally they don't care people being late 10-15 minutes) She just wanted to cut costs one way or the other. Not coming back here, there are enough awesome shops with good reviews directly next to them with great boards, wetsuits and teachers like Gary's surfschool/lifestyle surf shop or surfstore Afrika (better quality for price too.) Nor will I organise any groups to come here or any further recommendations to the guests of hostel to come here out of fear they might be swindled. Conclusion I'm positive this situation most of the time doesn't happen because of the other good reviews. But for any customer renting, always check the board and wetsuit and have them write an official slip which part is damaged on delivery, no matter how small, so they won't falsely charge you. To management. I don't desire any further contact or refund, you can keep the money. It's a matter of principle I simply wish for future customers to be more careful than I was.
Faizel Manuels
Faizel Manuels (4 weeks ago )
My daughter really appreciates the instructor Gideon. His very professional and accommodating given that she's not as energetic as other kids her age and requires breaks between instruction. Very happy with the service given
Alex Barron
Alex Barron (6 months ago )
I had a back to back lessons (1:1). Great teacher and got me standing plus turning.. Really really exceptional experience from enquiry to delivery. Well worth the visit and the lesson was amazing - took our time, no rushing, and understood where I was (level wise) within seconds.