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Swirl Smashed & Rolled Ice-cream

4.6 (based on 144 people)

  • Informal Dining & Takeaway
At Swirl Smashed & Rolled Ice Cream, you can be assured you're enjoying the freshest ice cream around. What really sets us apart is our ice cream making process, our skillful and friendly staff and our incredible presentation. At Swirl, every ice ... More
YifatDLJ Mervis
YifatDLJ Mervis (2 weeks ago )
The ice cream was so yummy and light and delicious. The toppings were so good it was hard to select ! Kids did not want to share! Highly recommend as it is also fun to watch the process. Staff super friendly and helpful
Mandy-Lee Adno
Mandy-Lee Adno (2 weeks ago )
Visiting from overseas and was told to go to swirl for ice cream! Wow what an experience for my kids and I. Amazing service, friendly staff and brilliant concept. Ice cream was out of this world delicious! Will definitely be going back daily during our trip.
Stella Sfetsios
Stella Sfetsios (2 months ago )
Made a specific trip to this store in order to use the special listed on the Entertainer. What an unpleasant experience. Staff were very pushy and putting pressure on us to order when it wasn't even busy as we were the only customers there. Staff could clearly see that we were wanting to use the special on the Entertainer but very sneakily only told us at the end once they had finished preparing the ice cream and we were about to pay that we were not allowed to use the special on the Entertainer on a public holiday. How dishonest! They should have told us at the outset. They didn't even show us proof of this. It left such a sour taste and will definitely not be going back there. Giving it one star because I have to select something but they really don't even deserve the one star.
Neolings13 (2 weeks ago )
Ice cream was good but the hygiene is not there. My friend and I got very sick after getting ice cream from here. Utensils are not cleaned, workers are not sterile when handling the ice cream. I regret coming here.
Petrus Johannes van Zyl
Petrus Johannes van Zyl (a year ago )
Delicious ice cream. This is so smooth and creamy. With it you get a fun experience. I had a banana and condensed milk mix. This is a must try for anyone. They are a hidden gem in the center of Melrose Arch. The staff is extremely passionate in what they do and they really create a fun experience when they start chopping away. Definitely worth the price and will not hesitate in taking family and friends there to try their amazing hand chopped delicious ice cream rolls.