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Tai Tai Pie Pies

4.3 (based on 33 people)

  • Baked Goods
Tai Tai Pie Pies® is Hong Kong's only artisanal pie company. They make the most delicious pies, with the finest ingredients, by hand and bring smiles to the faces of all their customers, young or old. TTPP's founder is passionate to bring his ... More
ssg (3 years ago )
I have always wanted to get pies from TaiTaiPiePies but never made it to their popup stalls at the markets. Previously I tried their pecan pies when they did a joint venture with Secret Ingredients and Blue Smoke for Thanksgiving. I was so glad to see them at Great supermarket and try other flavours which I could not get my hands on before. However, there are still some flavours I would like to see such as: Spinach Pignoli Nut Quiche, Asparagus Cheddary Quiche, Cheese & Onion Quiche, B3P (Big British Breakfast Pie), Country Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie, Coconut Dreams Cream Pie, Prosciutto Wrapped Figilicious Pie. Their online ordering did not work for me because they only did the family sized pies but here you can get bite sized ones. The pies here are all cold and refrigerated when you buy them so you need to reheat them when you get home. All the pies are cooked right through so theoretically if you don't heat it up properly you will not get food poisoning. They have an oven to reheat the pies if you should need it. Basically they had savoury pies and sweet pies. I was surprised to see Asian flavours: Three Cup Chicken Pie, The Hong Kong Beef Curry Pie, The Hong Kong Chicken Curry Pie, P10, Perfect 10 Vegetarian Hong Kong Curry Pie. Anyway, just to summarize, I get my pies here all the time and now they have vegan sausagerolls!!!
wanda yuen
wanda yuen (2 weeks ago )
Unfortunately my experience is not that positive. Their whatsapp response was not as timely as I wish. I waited quite a while to get confirmed the size and quantity they had. I specified the pies to be hot in my online order, but they missed this memo so I have to wait at the counter for the heat up for 15 minutes
Scott Wrayton
Scott Wrayton (3 years ago )
Had one of their New York Cheese cakes last week. it was sensational, everything a cheesecake should be down to the Graham cracker base... true New York style! I have had a few of their savoury pies too, photo is a steak and kidney, it was good but I would have preferred more kidney, however, their Chicken, Leek & Bacon is amazing!
William Dew
William Dew (3 years ago )
Had a few really excellent pies from here. Favorites include Cherry Pie and the American Cheesecake. I took them to a friend's BBQ and we all struggled to pick a favorite. I also bought a large Red Velvet cake for my daughter's birthday, which was also excellent. They added a birthday message at no charge. First class.
Marcus (a week ago )
Pastries were fine. WhatsApp communication manner was shockingly subpar—please work on this.