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The Drunken Pot CWB

The Drunken Pot evokes a philosophy of a melting pot in a communal ambience where different people and ideas get together producing something new. The ''drunken'' reference also alludes to the inevitable influence of sake bombs in hot pots, signature house sake and cocktails. Modern-day health Read More

27th Level, VPOINT, 18 Tang Lung Street
Causeway Bay
+852 2323 7098
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
The Drunken Pot is a high-end hot pot restaurant at the bustling centre of Causeway Bay. The panorama of Victoria Harbour is impressive. The menu is extensive with lots to offer. The satay soup is savory with the aroma of peanut. Toppings are fresh but portion is small in general. Drink is nice. Service is mediocre. The major issue comes with pricing. The is a mandatory charge for dipping sauce even you don't take any. The 15% service charge is also abnormal. It's also disgusting to see the waiter using the coronavirus as an excuse for ridiculous charges. This is my first and last time visiting the Drunken Pot.Read more
The reviews was pretty good so we decided to give it a try since location is convenient for all of us. We ordered the hotpot with 5 different soup bases, which is a little disappointed as all was soup is okay and the only gimmick is flambé in the middle section. Some people must be impressed by it but you can light up and alcohol with content of 40 degree alcohol so not impressed at all. The beef platter is good but as expected to be for the price they charged. The fish skins was really good too. Other than that, everything else is mediocre and the balls is weak. Since our table wasn’t near the window and we were also only allowed 2 and 1/2 hours to eat too so I don’t think it’s worth for what they are charging for. Will not consider going back as we have much better foods some where else.Read more
Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! The Drunken Pot celebrates the 3rd Anniversary of the Causeway Bay Branch with an exclusive “Chic & Shake Hot Pot Feast”, offered from now until 30 November 2019 at both the Tsimshatsui and Causeway Bay branches. Apart from the regular hot pot, the highlight of the feast is that you can mix and match your favourite seafood by using their homemade sauces to create your very own ‘Shake Shake Seafood Bag’ . Price: Shake and Dip 16-course Tasting Set (HK$338/person) Tempting Shake 20-course Set (HK$388/person) Shame ‘em All 21-course Set (HK$498/person) - - 20-course Chic & Shake Hot Pot Feast (HK$388/person) Drunken Pot 4-in-1 Pot The 4-in-1 Broth included: Classic Pork Bone Broth, Numbing and Spicy Sichuan-style Broth, Southeast Asian inspired Bak Kut Teh and Seafood Lobster Broth. Meat Platter The assorted meat platter included: Angus Beef Cubes, Angus Beef, Sliced Chicken, Kurobuta Pork Slices, Premium Sliced Mongolian Mutton. Seafood Platter The assorted seafood platter included: Shrimps, Fresh Water Clams, Canadian Crab, Australia Blue Mussel. To enjoy your “Shake Shake Seafood bag” , all you need to do is, pour the boiled seafood into the plastic bag, add your favourite sauce, and SHAKEEE! The Drunken Pot’s Signature Meatballs Two kinds of crafting meatballs: the Drunken Chicken and Crafting Bear. Homemade Dumplings/Bean Curd Product Black Truffle Shrimp and Crabmeat Dumplings, Frozen Bean Curd Cubes. Homemade Deep Fried Food Deep Fried Homemade Bean and Seaweed Rolls Salted egg Yolk Fish Cracklings Freshly made Egg Noodles 3-kind Three freshly made noodles: Spinach, carrot and squid ink. Vegetable Platter Sliced Lotus Root and Asparagus Lettuce Sugar Cane Couch Grass Root Drink/Begonia Fimbristipula Tea (@ HK$28) Condiments (@HK$22) Read more
Food was so theatrical but taste so good Located in V point and can easily b accessed. High grade cut meat and seafood and cut farm animal. Meat ball set were the kids favorite. I'll be back soonRead more
This hotpot restaurant is located in Causeway Bay V-Point, but there is another outlet in TST. Decorated with interesting street arts, lights that look like traditional lanterns, there is a hip atmosphere which give a great contrast to most of the hotpot restaurants in town. The name translates to 'a pot of wine', it is renown for the many different soup bases. Arriving early in the evening there are not that many customers yet, and we were seated on the window side with a nice view. However, we felt quite hot and the staff helped us to move to another table in a side room, which was much cooler. We ordered a drink to start, with me going for Cucumber & Lime ($58) while my wife had the more traditional Sugarcane and Imperatae Drink ($28). The former is quite refreshing and is a good beverage to accompany hotpot, while the latter has a modern twist, served using a bulb-shaped glass. I found the sugarcane drink a bit weird on the taste though. The soup base was Fish Maw and Chicken with Chinese Medicine ($198). There was half a chicken in the soup with a few pieces of fish maw, and even before we put other food in, the soup was already very tasty. The restaurant has some signature hand-made meatballs. We decided to try both the Drunken Chicken ($88 for 3 pieces) and Happy Penguin ($88 for 3 pieces). Both looks very cute, but in fact they are nothing special, with one a shrimp ball on fish ball 'egg-shell' while the other is squid ball. They are also quite pricey. We also ordered a live fish for sashimi. Visiting the fish tanks I decided to have a live Sea Bream ($788). Fresh and tasty, the fish has a great texture, offering a nice bite and a delicate flavor. As the size of the fish is large, the staff recommended us to deep-fry the belly, bones and head with garlic salt. Really good for pairing with beer (but unfortunately I was not drinking one), it was a nice 'two-way' for the sea bream. The other dish I liked was the Onion, Pork, Shrimp and Egg Dumplings ($58). Although it sounds trivial, this one was in fact tasty, with the good mix of pork and shrimp giving a nice crunchy texture wrapped inside the egg 'crepe', and the onion added good flavors. Compared with the signature meat balls ordered, this one was much more tasty and better value for money. We also had Frozen Bean Curd Cubes ($38). A great dish for most hot pot, the cubes absorbed the flavors from the soup, making them bursting in mouth (be careful!) with great taste. In my opinion a no-brainer choice. Wrapping up the Assorted Vegetables ($68) offered a mix of different seasonal vegetables, including different types of broccoli, corn, pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, kale and Chinese lettuce. All were good and fresh but the corn was a bit too old for me. Service is in fact quite good, with the staff friendly and advising us to order the appropriate portion. The bill on the night was $1,601 and frankly it was quite expensive, but mainly due to the fresh sea bream ordered. If you want to try a place for hot pot with nice view and hip design, this is an option. But if you just want a nice hot pot, there are many other choices.Read more