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The Fun Company - More SA

4.3 (based on 431 people)

  • Attractions
The Fun Company is a nationally represented brand, boasting seven stores in major metropolitan areas with more to come! Through the expansion process, The Fun Company has created new & exciting locations and has expanded their entertainment to ... More
Shelaine Gardner
Shelaine Gardner (3 months ago )
Our 4 kids had a blast here, so much that both dad and myself landed up buying socks to join in on the fun on the Jump 4 Joy side of things. Lots of memories made. Only thing that dampened the experience, the staff weren't too friendly and didn't seem too excited to be at work or to assist customers.
euvone esther
euvone esther (5 months ago )
Good experience, and the staff was so caring 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽❤️
Riaz Lorgat
Riaz Lorgat (2 years ago )
Inside the mall and inside Fun Company is the trampoline park, which is a fun filled mix of jump action and a mini warrior course. Its huge fun for all ages and mind you it also helps with some climbing, core, flexibility exercise. Engaging and challenging for the young ones. As @11/2021 cover charge is R120 per person (young or old) and R30 for the mandatory (reusable) grip socks. All round fun but also Great experience for Kid/parent interaction and then there is the bonus - fitness aspect.... 🤸‍♂️🤾‍♀️🎊
Nomsa Masuku
Nomsa Masuku (4 months ago )
We have been in the queue for more than 20minutes, 1 lady is managing 3 spots. Card sales, Redemption & Bowling. Very poor service right here
Payal Mehta
Payal Mehta (4 months ago )
Great place! Perfect to entertain kids. They even have a small XD film centre that fits 4 people at a time for an immersive experience.