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The Tap House

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The Tap House, a beachfront restaurant and bar situated in Club Vista Mare on the shoreline beach in Palm Jumeirah, offers a variety of tap and craft hops from around the world as well as modern European cuisine with a sprinkle of American comforts. The warm industrial interiors, casual ambience and ... More

Club Vista Mare
The Palm Jumeirah
+971 4 514 3778
The Tap House

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  • Club Vista Mare

    The Palm Jumeirah


Recent Reviews
Before we went we checked on TripAdvisor and many said the service is incredibly slow. Too many people and not enough staff. Despite these reviews we went last night as the setting is magic, see photo. Stupidly I didn't book buy we were lucky enough to get a spot on the beach at Tap House. Waiters are overworked at all restaurants, it was clear to see. I can understand why they could be a little short at times and service could be delayed. What did disappoint me was a limited cocktail, wine, beer and food menus although this seems to be the norm in dubai at the moment. I also think the general quality of food is down, probably due to a combination of supply and a lot of chefs being laid off as a result of recent events. It's a pity because I've always said to my friends back home that I'd never had a bad meal in Dubai. The table had a mixture of dishes. The Wasabi Prawns and Calamari were both overcooked which was disappointing, no one finished their starters which is a sign. I had Sea Bass as a main course which was alright, the thai green curry went down well. For dessert we had one sticky toffee pudding. It was good but I don't eat ice cream and that's all they could offer so i tried it plain. I recommend they get cream or custard as options as it's not a dish to be eaten without a sauce of some kind. Having said all the above I will give the restaurant here another opportunity in a few months as they must be really stretched financially at the moment. I believe service levels and food quality will return as a semblance of normality comes back to out livesMore
First menu doesn’t have lots of options and overpriced for the quality. Even edamame was not fresh, kids mac n cheese was boiled pasta n cheese aside (!). Go for nachos and fries with truffle as they were better. More
It’s a nice venue and worth a visit. The 2for 1 in entertainer is only for soft beverage. Not clear on entertainer!!! No chance of upgrade to alcohol which makes it expensive for the average food and drinks they serve. Try breeze next door they take entertainer voucher no questions ! It does however start at 12.30 to 5pm which is great so you make your choice which suits you best. More
I actually had very high expectations for this place and when i saw the happy hour prices i thought this could be a hidden gem.... unfortunately this was not the case. I ordered the roast beef dinner and when its advertised as unlimited sides for 129AED it seems like a fair deal. When we were served we received 3 thin and extremely dry bits of beef, a dollop of soggy vegetables and 1 small roast potato... yes 1x small roast potato which i immediately ask my waitress for more roast potatoes. When she returned she cane back with 7 small overcooked roast potatoes that when you bite into were dark brown and extremely oily... the yorkshire pudding was rock solid so i ordered another which came the exact same. The cauliflower cheese was dry and looked like it had sat for 12 hours. I can hand on heart say that this is the worst roast dinner i have ever had in my life and i can understand why you offer unlimited sides... and thats because no one else will eat them! I can only imagine that this was all cooked on the Saturday and on Sunday’s this was all leftover stuff as nothing was fresh. There was 2 of use and this came to 260AED for a rotten meal so i thought that lets at least make me not feel as bad and use the entertainer to at least salvage something from this horrible experience only to be told that because its unlimited sides that means we cannot use it! It wasn’t just a disappointing dinner it was so bad that i had to come on and write a review and warm people never to try this place.More
Having been to the Tap House for food a few times over the years (and being particularly fond of their chicken wings the first time tried I them), I wasn’t surprised when someone told me they did a good roast dinner. So, one Saturday back in November we went along for one. It was awful, like really really bad, however, we were a table of 20 and it was late, around 9pm, so I figured maybe we got the tail end of the service and the food and perhaps it was usually better. Fast forward to yesterday and we went again, a group of 6 friends (plus a baby and a dog)! Nothing was really jumping out at me on the menu, one of our friends was still raving about their roasts and the list of sides was pretty decent so I decided to risk it. I should state at this point that service was already awful. We arrived after our friends (who already had pints) and had to ask twice to order drinks. The outside section was full I grant you, so I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. Finally we got to order food, I ordered roast beef (at the last minute! I was going to order lamb but my friends said it was really fatty last time so I went beef). Asked for it medium. The food arrived quite quickly to be fair, way quicker than any of the drinks had, including the ‘free’ glass of house wine you get with your roast which we were still waiting on. We asked for the wine. Back to those sides mentioned, was so excited for the 'buttered peas' – call me weird but I do love a pea. Looked at my plate – I had four peas. I kid you not. Four single little lonely peas. I did have a heap of insipid red cabbage that had gone almost translucent. I tried to swap for more peas, surprisingly no one was interested. I requested some peas. Then I noticed how over cooked and dried out (I’m talking curled up at the edges dried out) the beef was. Couldn’t be bothered to fight about that one, just waited on my peas. Didn’t come, asked again. Decided to try the cauliflower cheese, if you can call it that, it was almost riced, grey cauliflower with some cheese on top that had been over grilled and was completely inedible. But wait here comes the server with my peas. He put down more cauliflower cheese, I stared blankly, ‘peas are coming’ I was told. Ate my Yorkshire as was the only edible thing on the plate, the ‘roasted veg’ was so over done I genuinely couldn’t tell most of it apart, but since I was bored waiting for the peas I started dissecting it. One roast potato – one!! At this point I asked for the wine for the third time. Instead I got a dish of mixed veg. No peas. What does a girl have to do to get a pea around here? At this point I go inside, there are around 8-10 servers all standing at the bar having a chat. Now that really winds me up. Its one thing to have bad service when they are rushed off their feet. This was not the case. Explained the issues we were having and asked for some service. You would think this would make them step it up a gear. You would be wrong. It got worse. When I could handle it no longer I went inside again and went really ‘Karen’ asking to speak to the manager. He seemed completely unruffled when I explained how hideous the whole thing was, in fact he looked pretty bored to be talking to me. This didn't exactly improve my mood. He will possibly be more concerned when he realizes one of my friends is a food blogger and influencer. Awkward. Anyway, speaking to him was making me even more annoyed than the errant peas so I gave up, went back to my table. He eventually came over and hovered around awkwardly, then asked could he get me anything else? Yes please, the bill, as I can not wait to get out of here. I asked him to remove my meal which he did. But by this time it did nothing to improve the overall experience. I went home irritated and hungry. Not a good combo. Its easy for an establishment to get it wrong from time to time, but when its highlighted to the manager they NEED to sort it out. They didn’t. And as a result I wont be back. Such a shame as I love the area and i gave it 2 stars for allowing dogs, but you couldn’t pay me to eat there again! Footnote: In case you are interested, the wine arrived when we had all finished eating and i never did get those peas.More