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3.6 (based on 27 people)

Mina Farag Amin
Mina Farag Amin (4 months ago )
I went today to the tradeline store jn thé openair mall. The day shift employee was extremely helpful. I asked ton of questions about specs differet gadgets and He was extremely friendly and helpful.
Karim Soliman
Karim Soliman (a year ago )
Very rude employees They don’t help you at all They even don’t have any knowledge about apple product, you better study before going, or don’t go if you have any other option
Heba Ahmed
Heba Ahmed (9 months ago )
Unfortunately not recommended because of the poor network coverage in the store, so money gets transacted from visa by mistake and you have to wait till the end of the month to get it back, they won’t contact their bank.
ann Blackman
ann Blackman (2 years ago )
I am an expat. When I come into tradeline at 3:28 no customer was in the store . There were three workers all standing around . No one asked me anything an Egyptian came in and all three went to him . When he left a woman came in and they went to her . I just stood in line behind the man at the register arguing in arabic . No worker asked me if I needed help
best gamer
best gamer (a year ago )
Really bad, no variety of choices and employees are rude, i would just buy a used phone or a phone from apple store... and they have no knowledge