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Twenty Grammes

3.9 (based on 750 people)

  • Desserts
Twenty Grammes is a local dessert boutique café that offers a good selection of coffee and pastries. Located at North Bridge Road and Ang Mo Kio, waffles and gelato are the constant favourites of their customers. The brand also does private catering ... More

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Rizwana (a week ago )
Great atmosphere. Good and affordable ice cream for a cafe. Got the customised ice cream waffle and it tasted pretty good. Waffle was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside which is my taste. Blueberry ice cream tasted pretty yoghurt-like and the earl grey tasted way better. Would recommend and go again to try other flavours.
Rachel Wong
Rachel Wong (3 weeks ago )
I was craving for waffle and I googled and found Chapter 55. However, when I reached the location, Chapter 55 is permanently closed. My second option is Twenty Grammes at North Bridge Road. The ambience of the cafe is cosy and clean. There were pretty wide range of waffle choices but there are mainly two types of waffle: Savoury or Sweet ones. I wanted sweet waffle but it was lunch time then so I chose a savoury one: Salmon Charcoal waffles with white sauce. It was pretty good and to satisfy my sweet tooth at the same time, I ordered a scoop of lychee ice cream and I must say it was simply wonderful. The only downside is the bill of Salmon waffle with a scope of ice cream and a Hazel Latte adds up to $30 over ++ which I find is a bit pricey for a person. Overall, it was a satisfying meal but not coming so soon because of price factor.
Mao Heng Sun
Mao Heng Sun (5 months ago )
It’s a very nice waffle place, the waffle is really delicious, the signature ice cream is the lavender, I can say it’s the best gelato I had in Singapore. Mochi waffle is delicious was can only eat slowly as it’s very sticky, I have to eat very slowly, personally don’t like the texture as it’s too sticker for my teeth, but my friend seems love it a lot. This place is too small, what I can describe is 3 person seated at 2 people’s space and using one round small table. Basically we can only order 1 waffle, it’s too many people, the person sitting beside be kept accidentally elbow me and apologies, but we all know it’s not her fault, simply because we sit too closely. Almost right after we finished the food, the staff cleared out place and told us there are people outside waiting. I believe the staff are well trained but the customer flow was dissatisfied, I can’t even be border to check out the ice cream because there’s too many people. Kinda annoying.
Joan Tan
Joan Tan (5 months ago )
Had the mochi waffle (which was recommended) with a salted caramel and Hokkaido lavender ice cream. Was thoroughly disappointed😔🥺😓. And it cost $19.25😮‍💨The mochi waffle had a really strong egg taste, which did not complement the sweetness of the ice cream flavours. In addition, the ice cream were a little too sweet and had a tinge of an artificial taste. +1 for the presentation and ambience -3 for the cost, taste and standard.
Blue Angel
Blue Angel (3 months ago )
Was early and the store just opened. Ordered through online and entering the credit card details was tough without my glasses. The waffle was nice with caramel and Speculous ice cream and marshmallows. Many seat available.