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Vanilla Mille Crêpe Café

4 (based on 7 people)

  • Confectionary
Vanilla Mille Crêpe Café serves desserts, fruits and drinks. They also serve natural home-made French mille crêpes ... More
Lucas Law
Lucas Law (a year ago )
One of the few places offering "Mint Chocolate Chip" Crepe Cake. Not too sweet and has more of the mint flavor kick. It was RM18. But it still nice once a while if you are a big mint chocolate fan.
Elvin Gan
Elvin Gan (3 months ago )
Tried their chocolate mille crepe and tiramisu mille crepe. Both good and not too sweet. Definitely will try their other favor again.
Henry Ang
Henry Ang (5 years ago )
Cakes is okay. Coffee is okay. Not too bad to sit and have a break here. Staff here is helpful.
Tan Milo
Tan Milo (3 months ago )
The taste is good, the mille-feuille 🍰 is much better than the current secret recipeh, at least it is made with heart. Now secret recipes are cutting corners and not even fresh. Compare the cakes in this store.
Peck Lian Tan
Peck Lian Tan (5 years ago )