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Virtual Reality Zone

4.2 (based on 22 people)

  • Attractions
Experience virtual reality and the latest VR games at Virtual Reality Zone. Using state of the art headsets, be immersed in a gaming experience unlike anything else. Our large open space allows you to explore your virtual world freely without ... More
Cyril Percimoney
Cyril Percimoney (5 months ago )
The experience before putting on the VR headset was great from the guy who sold us the service at Ushaka. Nice little spot, great branding, friendly service but the product still has a long way to go before it becomes a great experience. The virtual reality experience is still primitive as the resolution is poor and the supposedly immersive experience was disappointing. I did the Cabanna holiday experience but didn’t feel part of the immersive experience as the footage was taken from a drone hovering and not on ground level. Will wait a couple more years and hopefully the technology and experience will be awesome.
Nix Stigr (Nixstigr031)
Nix Stigr (Nixstigr031) (a month ago )
The power of AI, I think the selections are pretty Cool and about as realistic as it can get. I was actually quite surprised, really wasn't expecting it to be that cool. Its also quite reasonably priced, most of them are like stepping into a video game which I think is very cool and the graphics are incredible.
Joe White
Joe White (3 months ago )
Will be fun for people who have never experienced VR. However, as an owner of a Meta Quest VR headset, I found this experience very passive, just sitting and watching, as opposed to the VR headsets where you move around and are very immersive.
Jacques Koekemoer
Jacques Koekemoer (a year ago )
Went to the one in Gateway.Really enjoyed the racing sim. Only reason it's not a 5 star is couldn't change the settings to Manual gears and auto braking off, makes it really easy and not very challenging for people that know racing. But good fun.
Junior Dito Mabessa
Junior Dito Mabessa (11 months ago )
Waste of money, R50 for 6min service 😒