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XTC Gelato

4.1 (based on 84 people)

  • Informal Dining & Takeaway
XTC Gelato is described by their customers as "The best gelato east of Italy”. They make all-natural, artisan gelato using only the freshest ingredients from their origin. They use no colours or artificial additives. It is the best choice for a low ... More
Chinmay Dhondrikar
Chinmay Dhondrikar (5 months ago )
Good Gelato. Size of scoop was comparatively larger than normal. I had apple blackcurrant single scoop! It was goodish in taste. Had fun joy while watching Victoria's Harbour laser show while having Gelato at XTC.
Lam Tsz Fung
Lam Tsz Fung (6 months ago )
Their chocolate ice cream is specially good.
Ayesha F
Ayesha F (a year ago )
I had the hazelnut gelato here and it was so good! They have a good variety of flavours, including some that I had never seen before. The size of the scoop that I got was bigger than some other gelato places!
Joanne K
Joanne K (2 years ago )
Best chocolate ice cream. Its all natural & not sweet. Great gelato!!
Mini Mini
Mini Mini (3 years ago )
i took a double scoop.gelato lemon pepper / apple blackcurrant lemon pepper flavor: the pepper killed the taste of the lemon.we.dont have any sour taste or closed to lemon taste coz of the pepper too strong. apple blackcurrant: tiny taste
wing wing mak
wing wing mak (a month ago )
But too few branches
Boris Chow
Boris Chow (a year ago )
How many of them have the same taste. Buy one get one free at special prices.
CHEUNG K L (2 months ago )
On the whole, the food quality, service level, and seating environment are good, and the price is a little bit higher. But I will still visit again.