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XTC Gelato

4.1 (based on 84 people)

  • Informal Dining & Takeaway
XTC Gelato is described by their customers as "The best gelato east of Italy”. They make all-natural, artisan gelato using only the freshest ingredients from their origin. They use no colours or artificial additives. It is the best choice for a low ... More
ZaZa Fan
ZaZa Fan (a year ago )
Recommend salted caramel and cookies flavour gelato! Cheese cake lollies and ice cream sandwich are also top!
BradJill (a year ago )
XTC is a local galato maker with a view branches around the city including this little shop on Cochrane Street under the Mid-level Escalator n Central District. In short, they make pretty good, low-fat gelato, about as good as you are going
Mina Chow
Mina Chow (11 months ago )
Must have the pistachio gelato everytime with the new seasonal flavors. In HK, only love their gelato!!
Parag Kulkarni
Parag Kulkarni (8 months ago )
Great range. Loved their strawberry cheesecake
Albert Garrich
Albert Garrich (2 years ago )
A must stop for dessert lovers. Although a franchise, the quality is decent, a bit pricey and the place small. Good stop to taste healthy gelato.
Sharmina Parveen Tumpa
Sharmina Parveen Tumpa (9 months ago )
The staff is friendly but the gelatos were a bit too sweet
Sergio Galzerano
Sergio Galzerano (a year ago )
Tasted their ice creams in the HK sevens. The chocolate was very good, full of dark chocolate flavour. The sea salted caramella didnt have much flavour, it was like a light cream.
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee (8 months ago )
Good gelato, can be less sweet