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Cafe Usagi

4.1 (based on 103 people)

  • Japanese
Cafe Usagi TOKYO is a Japanese dessert café, specialising in tea and handmade desserts. Look forward to sweet and savoury treats, featuring their signature Japanese-flavoured handcrafted ice cream, mochi ice cream, doriyaki cake and more! Their ... More

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We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Gelato Ice Cream when a Gelato Ice Cream of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 14 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Mochi Ice Cream when a Mochi Ice Cream of equal or greater value is purchased.

  • AED 16 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
  • Rules of Use

We invite you to enjoy a complimentary Beverage when a Beverage of equal or greater value is purchased.

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  • Valid until 30th Dec 2024
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Faith (6 months ago )
enjoyed their brown sugar syrup, which isn’t very sweet, for the topping for the Mochi waffle and ice cream. There isn’t any much Mochi in the waffle but it was still enjoyable. The houjicha ice cream was too strong to my liking but I do like the Hokkaido milk one. The matcha latte we can choose the sugar level and we tried reduced sugar. It was fine and the matcha taste is strong. There is limited seats so there may be some waiting time involved to find a seat. Price point it’s on average for cafe price
penny (4 months ago )
a small little cafe! i only had the mochi ice cream, and it was great! rich matcha, v nice and chewy mochi with just the right thickness! the unique bowl and cutlery made it feel like a special experience. i wanted to try to houjicha, but they only had a houjicha lavender flavour. i hope they come up with a new pure houjicha flavour to try next time ^^
Dtfoodaffair (5 months ago )
My order 🧾 🍵 Matcha Ice Cream, $5.50 Mochi + $1 🍓 Ichigo Strawberry Daifuku, $6.90 🥤 Hojicha latte (less sugar, cold), $6.80 Matcha Ice Cream + Mochi 🍵 Firstly, the matcha flavour is relatively distinct albeit a little on the milky and sweet side. As for the mochi, it is a tad too thick and chewy that it’s quite impossible to cut 😅 So this is definitely not for sharing guys. You can only use the fork to pull the mochi and bite it off Ichigo Strawberry Daifuku 🍓 The mochi skin here is thankfully thinner and softer. The juicy and slightly tangy strawberry is well complemented with the red bean paste. Overall, not bad but it is still pretty pricey for just 1 strawberry daifuku 🫢 Hojicha latte (less sugar, cold)🥤 Milky and tastes pretty diluted unfortunately 🫢 For more food reviews, follow me on IG: @dtfoodaffair :)
Zikry Suhaimi (Sickery)
Zikry Suhaimi (Sickery) (7 months ago )
The establishment used Halal Friendly ingredients so that’s a plus point to our Muslim friends out there. Uji Matcha Ice Cream was splendid. Really tasted the matcha. We had it with Mochi. The waffle mochi was unique and was sweet on it’s own. Gave the waffle a crispy on the outside and soft & chewy texture on the inside. Paired well with the Sea Salt. Seats are limited but it’s a cosy environment amidst the hustle of everyone walking past in Suntec.
Tan Adrian
Tan Adrian (6 months ago )
A small area serving nice dessert and matcha latte. Small seating capacity, mostly have to wait. The waffle is nice. Hojitcha ice cream is tasty 👍 Matcha latte is good The only downside is the cashier. Unfriendly and having attitude. Very bad.